Manage waitlists, reservations, servers, and seating. Learn more about your guests and build loyalty.

Seatninja works for any restaurant, at any scale. Customize Seatninja, make it your own.

Simple, distinct, and unconditionally yours.

In the last 30 years, consumer expectations have changed. We're focused on more than just buying products. We're looking for memorable experiences. Immediate fulfillment. Anywhere, anytime access.

Exceed expectations and create loyalty.

Built for what you do.

Seatninja Host increases efficiency in the things you do everyday.

  • Wait List

    • Track your next customer and how long they've waited
    • Easy two-way texting
    • View your booking from any device at any location
  • Reservations

    • Know exactly how many tables remain for each party size
    • Smart-assign suggests tables and will never over-book you
    • Customize reservation limits by day-of-week, holidays, and events
  • Servers and Seating

    • Assign sections faster than paper using preset layouts
    • Track your servers' load throughout their shift
    • Maintain the perfect server rotation

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Every detail matters.

Seatninja isn't just for your restaurant. Your guests can use the app to jump in line, make reservations, check out your menu. And with Seatninja's analytics and reporting, you'll be learning more about your guests while giving them the experience they want.

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